The Year That Was,2017 (A Dedication To My Cmc Cbe 1974 Medico Batch)

In three days more, the old year ends!
To most it seemed, it sped off fast;
The New Year's still afresh in minds;
But I'm happy this year was good.

Some things happened that caused some, harm;
The threat of major wars looms high;
A lot of people took their lives;
Some fishermen are missing still.

But Nature's fury none prevent;
Our gains in science help us predict;
Man's actions could be causing some;
We must preserve our Earth to live.

New gadgets could destroy the earth;
Protect the environment, all must;
Pollution must be stopped somehow;
A safer world is primal need.

Why waste vast sums in many ways?
Health of body, mind, soul is prime;
The sea is not for dumping wastes;
The Space is not for objects rife!

Commune with God and God will help;
Our soul and life are precious most;
The God of goodness hates evil;
Just love supreme keeps world a(l) right.
Fondly dedicated to my beloved 1974 CMC CBE Medico Batch

Copyright by Dr John Celes 28-12-2017

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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