The Yearn For Wander Brought Me Far South

The yearn for wander brought me far south my dreams in life to follow
Perhaps i am the only one where i live today who does hail from old Duhallow
In Illowa in the coastal Moyne shire between Koroit and Warrnambool
Far south by sky from Millstreet Town where i went to Primary school
A ten minutes drive by motor car to the Pacific shore
So different from the countryside in view of high Claramore
In the gray of the dawn the magpies songs i never fail to hear
Their warbling flute like notes i hear every day of the year
Here in Illowa to many mine is not a well known face
And to Claraghatlea where i was born and raised a different sort of a place
A different sort of a countryside yet quite scenic just the same
Between the inland and the coastal lands many differences one could name
The yearn for wander brought me far south of the ancient Boggeragh Ranges
And if i returned to my homeplace i would witness many changes

by Francis Duggan

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