The Years Have Left Him Walking Slower

The years have left him walking slower time it does catch up on us all
In his prime years going back forty Summers he was handsome, athletic and tall
In the ninety seventy Grand Final he was voted the best on ground
Back then in all of the football clubs of the region his equal was not to be found
A seventy three year old divorced grand-father his better days are in the past
He is not the man that he once was the prime years of life do go fast
In his young years admired as a sporting hero when he was the toast of the town
It has been awhile since he could run fast in the days when his hair was dark brown
Today the title of the region's best footballer to a young man in his life's prime belong
He is the one admired by many the hero of story and song
Suppose the present is all that does matter the past in the forever gone
And each day leaves us one day older and time ever ticks on and on
He walks down the street at a slow pace not the man he once used to be
He looks even older than he is an aging man of seventy three.

by Francis Duggan

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