The 'Yes' People

What has happened to those,
Who openly expessed their opinions?
Those who spoke about and exposed injustices?

'They were escorted out of town.'

And the folks over there,
With those glazed eyes.
And appearing surprisingly happy?

'They are referred to as the 'yes' people.
They are only allowed to complain,
Amongst themselves.'

And you?
Who are you?

I am one of the many tourists,
Who pay good money annually...
To watch this attraction.'

But you 'must' feel an obligation to stop this?
You do...don't you?

I do admit there is a conflict of interest.
On the one hand I feel I should do something.

I am told,
Part of the fee I pay...
Goes towards the wardrobes the people wear.

And as I understand it,
The 'officials' are able to claim them as property.
Which helps pay the town's taxes.

And the people could care less,
As long as they are fed and dressed.
With weekends off to drink and party! '

OH! !

So I do feel I am participating to affect a good cause.

OH! !

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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