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The You
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The You

Poem By william mae

Your hair,

Like clouds in morning,
After nighttimes falling dew,
Silken strands drifting softly,
Cross the pillow next to you.

Your eyes,

Like evenings rainbow,
Dreamy looks of passions glee,
Filtering past your many colors,
Where your soul is shown to me.

Your skin,

A soft and sensual beauty,
Envy to the Angels eye,
Precious treasure birthed from heaven,
To house all your love inside.

Your face,

Like none that’s lived before it,
Or can be born in future days,
All others pail inside your presence,
They might as well just stay away.

Your lips,

That part to breathe your glory,
Where words of blessings are set free,
Speaking of your needed passion,
Then whispered in the night to me.

Your love,

Electrified emotion,
A calculated lane of fire,
Grabs me every time it happens,
Fills me then with pure desire.

Your touch,

More than heated sexual tension,
More than lust fulfilling nights,
Your fire is not extinguished,
At loves end it still burns high.

What I’m saying plain and simple,
Is my heart that beats with in,
Beats every beat for your attention,
To show your love just who I am.

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