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The Young Girl Laughed
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

The Young Girl Laughed

Poem By Alison Cassidy

Born to a pair of child parents,
a young girl too fell at sixteen
madly in love, or so she thought,
with an impish freckled face
and a pair of pale blue eyes.

He, at twenty-one, found her
vulnerability attractive at first,
but soon tired of her neediness
and eagerness to please
and left for pastures greener.

She, devastated and forlorn
and hurting so hard she couldn't
bear the agony and despair,
ran the bath and swiftly stole
the blade from daddy's razor.

But just before the deed was done
in a gesture of unusual maturity
she phoned the local lifeline.
Sadly, the line was busy
but happily, the young girl - laughed.

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Hi Alison, 'But happily, the young girl laughed' I would hope to mean that she would just choose to live. Good poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb
Hmm....that last line could be taken two ways! Was she happy that the helpline was engaged? Or did she turn her life around? Very clever piece, Allie. Love, Fran xxx
As if we all haven't contemplated cashing in our chips before the casino was about to close; to hell with all malcontentment, dissatisfaction had us believing we would toss a high rolling dice score, however, love is that ambiguous; we believed the two of us would be recipients of a friendly poker card, adding a King, Queen, or other face card to our hand, or even a Joker, might have me achieving some gain of sorts. The Casino Rama's new slogan, ' is it a gambling problem if one is winning? '
What a relieving twist! Nice...held reader's attention the whole way through. ~Fil
There's the rub, an engaged life-line at a crucial moment? Well put, Al...
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