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The Young Man And The Sea

One day I sailed,
my ship out to sea,
I went for the want,
to fish and be free.

And I baited my line,
with a shriveled old thing,
my heart was the bait,
I hoped soon it would sing.

And on that very day,
I'd gotten my wish,
for teasing my heart,
was the most beautiful fish.

But it only nibbled,
and I loved that fish,
until my heart fell,
and was lost to the abyss.

The fish lost it's interest,
and then swam away,
I lost love for all else,
on that fateful day.

I still love the thing,
with this hole in my chest,
for in all of the sea,
that fish was the best.

And I still look for the fish,
or the heart that it drowned,
but I know what was lost,
cannot be found.

And so there my heart lies,
on the floor of the sea,
lost to the waves,
of my agony.

by Enrico Orbita

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