Find Your Own Answers

Do what you want
And want what you do
For life's story is flowing
In a manner true
So find your answers
That you're looking for
And color with rainbow
Your each life's drawer
And know that if
You'll laugh or smile
Then life will follow
This pattern for a while
And if you'll cry
And be sad or mope
Then you'll be left alone
To scream without hope
So know how to find
Harmony and peace
And live in this world
With joy and ease.

by Seema Chowdhury

Comments (2)

Hey... I'm 18 and this makes SO much sense to me. I love it. Its well written and makes a great point. Be proud. Dan x
Bravo, Mordrid Harpoon. Some mordant wit here, and zero sloppy sediment. I knew some Harpoons in Brixton - you wouldn't be - nah!