A Gift For You (My Heart)

I have here for you the greatest gift I could ever
give to anyone and Kira I choose to give it to you.
My heart is yours and I want you to hold it forevermore,
through eternity this gift of my heart is something I
want you to have as it's keeper for you are the reason it keeps on beating.

Only one other gift can be more sacred and I
will save that for only you as well,
but here now and always I present to you this
gift that is my heart for I love you so
and for eternity it's yours to have.
You are the one I choose because I can't imagine
another ever even touching it in anywhere near the same manner.
You are so far above the rest,
a special Angel to whom I kneel before with this precious gift.

I give to you the greatest gift I could ever give,
my heart and you know how protected it has been,
so please treasure it and be delicate.
You are the only person for whom the defenses have been taken down,
you are the crown jewel and northern star of this very heart.
A gift to you I give so very proud.

I love you Kira and my heart is yours to have and yours alone,
you know what defenses have surrounded and glimpsed the
many wounds that have fell upon it.
Now I drop these walls of protection and give to you
this gift of pure trust and being fully open.
It's a gift so rare and one I give to my lady fair,
because I love you dearly and I trust you deeply in every way.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (2)

Hey... I'm 18 and this makes SO much sense to me. I love it. Its well written and makes a great point. Be proud. Dan x
Bravo, Mordrid Harpoon. Some mordant wit here, and zero sloppy sediment. I knew some Harpoons in Brixton - you wouldn't be - nah!