OKP (20th April 1988 / Nigeria)

The Youthful Climbers

Standing on a hill of hope
Where swords rest and green boughs sway
There rich fruits of knowledge beckon
As upward we make our way
Straining, striving, never yielding
Our spirit knows no dismay.

Unencumbered, fired with justice
One for all and all for one
Every debt we’ll pay with service
Our joy is in height well won
High and low helping each other
Routing gloom with rays of sun,

So be wary, youthful climbers
Keep your lamb light ever bright,
Forget not your lofty mission
Causing darkness to take flight
The paths you cut, others will tread
Make spoors that shine in the night.

by ogunleye kayode peter

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Comments (9)

Beautiful poem keep that in your heart forever and let no one tell you You Can't Live- Laugh- Love and become all you can be! May you always see the bright morning sun!
A true freedom poem with a spirit of patriotism. A salute to your wordings great writer!
I really like the way you have written this, our path in life
Enjoyed the imagery of this one. Good wording.
The imagery in your poems is beautiful. They are all quite good, a pleasure to read
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