The Yups And The Nopes

There is a place within the world,
so secret that only I know where
And I was finally given permission,
it's location I now can share

They live in a different time called Not Even,
a continuim we used to know long ago
Where ideals and imagination,
are kept in a constant flow

The little town is called Whatever,
and is surrounded by sound proof walls
You try so hard to listen,
but cannot hear their pleading calls

As a people they are called the Yups and the Nopes,
I realize they are unusual names
and all they want to do,
is to play their silly mind games

They all are desparetly seeking attention,
but for us their world is much to small
Constantly trying to show the elders,
that one day they will walk proud and tall

If you have not figured it out yet,
it is our children I am writing about
And one day they will be the adults
the one's that have the clout.

By Nick Sym

by Nick Sym

Comments (2)

Splendid piece fortelling the future generation.
Very nice work, Nick! I was in Holland last week - love that country!