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The Zeal! For God Almighty!
PM Patricia Martin ( / USA)

The Zeal! For God Almighty!

Do You know, What it means to have Zeal?
Does it Appeal? To do what Jesus would do?
Have the Passion to do God's Will!
To know the intensity, of God's Command!
Spread God's Word! Through-out the Land!
Tell Everyone You can!
The Sincerity Of God's Plan!
God made a Way! For His People to be Saved!
Through, Lamb Of God! Christ! Last Sacrifice!
Jesus Who went to the Cross!
The Seriousness to bring back! Was Lost!
Our Eternal Life! With Christ!
Once Become Born-again! Receive Forgiveness!
The Holy Spirit comes in, To Live with-in!
You'll want to Serve Only Him! Have Zest!
Do His Request! For Our Lord! Who we Adore!
Because a Witness to His Divine Word!
So, Others Become Born-again, Saved!
Have the Readiness! For Our Lord's Coming!
So, We all can be, With Our Lord In Eternity!

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