The Zingageophobic Cry

I am a Zambian, born and bred on the Zambian Soil. Africa is my grandson, South Africa is my brother. And Jamaica is my first cousin. I'm of a chocolate color and I'm proud. I'm living in a country where mother Zambia has taught me to be peaceful, joyful, helpful, grateful. Mother Zambia has taught me and my brothers and sisters to always have the best hospitality. This is why I could tell my friends abroad that when they come to Zambia I will teach them how to cook nshima, Chibwaba, nembalala shakushashila.

Peace was our national anthem demostrated by our forefather DR Kaunda who could sing, "Tiyende Pamodzi Namutima Umodzi" ala the song is slowly dying out as we are now crying about the new name with a great impact the `Zingageophobic Cry`. Xenophobia is gone and Zingageophobia is born. Taking its name from the ritual killings in Zingalume and George Compound. Zambian has now learnt how to hold knives, matchets and other instruments not because they surgions, not because we have enough breed of cattle NO! But because they want to slaughter fellow Zambians. You say you want to be rich, you believe my blood will give you riches, you are wrong. You have started murdering your fellow Zambians in cold blood. You slaughter us worser that a Chicken. Because as for chickens, be head them before we cut them in pieces. But what are you doing to your fellow Zambian, You torture and make our brothers and sisters to die a painful death. You humiliate them from the private to the public parts. You chop off their manhood/Womanhood. You remove their hearts by cutting their chests, as if its not enough, you remove their ears as if its Peter the discple choping off a roman soldier to protect the Master Jesus. Even in that act, Jesus condemed it because it is wrong. You remove their eyes as if their Samsons in the hands of the philistines and yet its your own brother.

But listen hard to me, our blood, our sensitive private parts, Our ears and eyes will not gurantee you enough moneys, its uses when obtained in a satanic way Remember even Judas Sold Jesus Christ but the money was still useless. what is special with our body parts especially the ones you are getting from us. Because in Chickens such parts are not even edible. When we slaughter a chicken, we do away with its private parts, we do not eat its ears but in humans you evil ones deem them special. Zambia `twachula natulaba amafunde yenu` we have forgotten about your teachings mother Zambia. Our homes have now become scenes where they act honor movies. But we do not even know who the starring is because in horrors, even the starring dies. O fellow Zambians, fellow Africans, let us join together and fight against the ZingaGeophobic Cry. Enough is enough, their time is up now is our time, but we can only remain triumph if only we can work together as a nation. Our eyes are swollen, almost each and every day a life is lost in a brutal way. Each persons prayer is to die a peaceful death never a death of pain, we would all want to be buried peacefully and quietly and not becoming celebrities at the day of our death.

It is the Zingageophobic Cry. Mother Zambia please help us.

by Preston Mwiinga

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