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The Zoo Director Is Not An Animal
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The Zoo Director Is Not An Animal

Poem By Max Reif

The animals in the zoo must be taken care of,
but the Zoo Director who does it is not an animal.
He's studied the ideal diet of every species,
but he doesn't dine on hay or raw, red meat.
The animals roar or pace all day in their cages.
He too stays at the zoo, in his office,
but he has the run of the compound,
and at night goes home.

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Comments (5)

This one got interesting responses. My intention: I was simply exploring the images, in a vague way thinking about our 'animal appetites' and our conscious 'I' that has to 'run the show' of our life, so to speak.
I guess its never easy to be a 100% member of a group if you are not an original part of it.. even if you know everything about it and even if you want to be a part of it at the end of the day there is always something that makes you differ. Great write! HBH
I like this piece Max. Either You're telling us something, but not quite...It's up to each of us to extrapolate your though.(the zookeeper will never fully understand the animals he cares for- like most bosses and their employees) or just a simple unpretentious observation (the zoo director and animals share the same space during the day and that's it) . Sincerely I like this little piece. Amicalement votre R R.
The directos works with animals, but doesn't really understand where they are coming from.They have to stay at the zoo no matter what whereas as kind as the director appears he still doesnt really know that a zoo is it's own form of cruelty. I got you here.
Animals are cool, I'm gald the director doesn't eat raw meat.