Thee Beloved

Poem By Sharmeen Azam

What is a poet who can’t write about love?
Essentials of words cannot exemplify,
the essence of adore one pangs for.
Patience, endurance, persistence
Mere words easily

Don’t smite the chances though.
For spiritual elation comes
by admission.
Nay, suffering in anonymity.
Walk over broken glass,
blood drips – forms a pool,
but it ain’t enough!
Sweetheart wants more!
It’s not love’s need
that dictates the course love takes.

You play a role?
A game?
With new moods,
With new moves,
mind may be fooled into believing.
But how will you compromise
for the heart beats a rhythm you don’t recognize.

Like the rose that emerges
In baby steps,
From the soil,
From the branch,
From the bud.
No games –
Just roles!
Just roles.

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