Their First Kiss

Quietly they were hiding in a room
surrounded with the clouds in fuzzy
heart pounding beats around their head.

While approaching her, he felt his body warm
—the veins rushing blood through his body
led the war between excitement and fear
that someone might notice their beautiful secret affair.

The fear dissolved with the wind,
as he touched her hand for the first time,
held it softly at first — tightened it,
as she was looking towards the ground.
—with his other hand, he softly touched
her chin and tilted it upwards; then her eyes, captured in his, lit– as if there was a candlelight from which the spark gave a reflection on her eye.

He could tell that she was shivering without rain
—and another touch from his hand on her hips
a spark in her body from which she trembled.

Then he held his fingers on her cheeks
—their lips melted with each other
and trembled for long, they could not hear anything else but only feel the presence of each other — two souls felt their body and merged into one, lost in time.

by Rohitash Chandra

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well wrote, i like this poem alot, i almost felt like i was in the poem. good work!