Their Love...

a touch of her hand,
his heart would give away..
a smile on her face..
the world was a beautifull place..

those words of innocence,
they mingled with her persona..
it created a place...filled with love..
that gentle look, his sweet, he would say..

now that he stands alone,
this place, so lonely, so old...
darkness took all he had,
hoping, her brightness would slowly unfold..

somethings are never meant to be,
a price for love, he had paid..
with her when the calming breeze would blow,
caressing her hair, embracing her silk..

that breeze so cruel now appears,
her toy, her love, lost in the crowd,
whenever that name is heard somewhere,
the pain retreats, no smile he bears...

patiently he waits, her return,
forgive him the falsies, not done..
n maybe she understands, the judgement day..
his cruellly cruel innocence, was all to blame..

his love stands beyond,
all the admirers she queues..
love stands lonesome,
price for beauty too paid..

here he wanders, a vagabond life...
there she strolls, true love hard to find..
a veil covers both their worlds,
he cannot see there, she cannot his world..

yet hope pirouttes this world,
pray, they find..
lost love, painfull strides..
let them meet, the mists let rise...

by nupur singhal

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