(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Their Self Righteous Mess-Part One

What is now widely known...
The hoodwink with bamboozling.
The private jets and corporate theft.
The cheating and lieing,
Over generations of deceit.
Those who used their influence to gain.
While homelessness and hunger...
Increased upon urban streets.

Character assassinations,
And defamations done.
The rise of racism...
Among the low and middle class,
Both now trashed and smelling like dung.

And the economy now bleeding,
Fast speeding to hit the rocks!
With a black President named Barack Obama...
Now telling those who 'had'
They are going to give it up...
All their ill gotten wealth,
Pocketed and locked...
In private stocks.

They are going to share,
Like it or not!
With those they rode on the backs to feed...
Those that 'had not' he has assured,
He knows they have endured.

And he has not forgotten...
The causes of their oppression!
Some choose to label this 'socialism' aggressed.
Whatever it had been called in the past,
Democracy or a protection of interests.
The ending of it all can see.
Whether or not those 'conservative'
Wish to continue their self righteous mess,
Part one!

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