(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Their Shown Rejection Is A Reflection

Is what ones does to do effectively,
More significant...
Than what one has to impress?
Have we, today, adapted to a mindset,
That what one has to possess...
Not to own but could be re-possessed,
To be witnessed as observed...
As a tax collector,
Or someone with a lien to pay off past debts...
Is given more respect to expect it,
Than someone sacrificing with no rest to get...
Just to see others receive benefit of their sweat.
And yet...
Their lack of selfishness is often neglected,
By those who effectively reject what they do.
To then say about those they have taken for granted...

'What they've done for us was just not enough.
We awaited for them to do more.
But now they've turned their backs on us to ignore.'

~Do you think anything you have done,
Could have been done better with a different approach? ~

'What do you mean?
We offered to accomodate them giving 'us' their time.
What other approach was there for us to find? '

~A showing to express a gratitude to address.~

They showed us nothing worthy to deserve 'that'.'

~And perhaps that is why,
Your perception of 'their' shown rejection is a reflection.~

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