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Their Tolerant Society

You talk of your tolerant society those different to us we do tolerate
But from them we will keep our distance and none of them will be our mate
They do not invite us to their parties and we will not invite them to ours
We are not like the plants of the garden where the weeds always mix with the flowers.

Our National flag to theirs is superior we have such a beautiful flag
And our way of life to theirs far better though of that we do not wish to brag,
Our loyalties are to our Nation and Culture and with them nothing in common we share
In our ways they are not interested and unlike us their loyalties are elsewhere

To us they are so very different they do not play our sports or football
And whenever we talk of a fair go we do not mean a fair go for all
A fair go for us and us only and we tolerate them to a point
We will not drink with them at the Local and our causes will never be joint.

Yes we are a tolerant society we tolerate and little more
They never will fight under our flag their flag born on a foreign shore
But we must not be seen to be racist on such matters we must keep quiet
We will discuss this further at the Local when we are amongst friends there tonight.

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