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Their Travels Out Of Ireland

From Hibernia's Shore many of them live far away
In Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Europe and the U S of A,
South America, Canada, Africa and Asia in the big World out there
A migrant from Ireland one could meet anywhere.

Their travels out of Ireland many decades do span
Their lust for the wander post famine began
Amongst earlier migrants from Ireland many a refugee
From poverty and want they were forced to flee.

Out of their home Country to Lands far and near
Sad stories of the Irish famine we read of and hear
In 'Coffin Ships' to the U S many died on the way
And still so sad to read and hear of famines in the World of today.

Far distant from Ireland they have made a new home
In big Cities such as London and Paris and New York and Rome
In fact in any town or city or on any street
A person from Ireland one is likely to meet.

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