(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Their Way Of Life Has Ceased

Mistake it not,
The 'haves' have dropped.
Shocked and stopping a greed...
That bleeds an economy.

Stocks and bonds and savings all,
Are tumbling fast from a highclass fall.
Scurrying to flee this,
Like mice fed on poisoned cheese.
But many have found it's much too late.
They've become fattened by their gluttony and waste.

Draped in gloom with finances gone.
Now a blame is made to continue on.
No escaping is in sight.
Enhanced mansions now scenes of blight.
Stunned are they that this has happened overnight!
But none of this seems to have curbed or disturbed...
Their appetites.
Although their way of life has ceased,

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Great Poem, great creation Lawrence..especially in today's context of a belly up investment banking sector........I loved the comparisons......The fallout of this Newest Wall Street Crash will have repercussions in my country also......So thanks for a great poem, and a great reminder to our soon to be belly up generation.