Their World

The child is filled with terror,
as she trembles in her room;
it's almost time, for her to comply,
with their wishes, all too soon.

She is nothing more, than a voice
that's never heard;
her feelings are ignored, so she
doesn't speak a word.

She just sits and stares, at her
dirty bedroom door;
waiting, with a terrifying dread,
of what's soon to be in store.

Her heart begins to race, as the
time draws very near;
she starts to sweat, for her heart
is consumed, with a neverending fear.

And though she may be small, she has
never been unaware;
of the abusive treatment she receives,
from the ones who clearly don't care.

She is not allowed an opinion,
for she is only a little girl;
they do not ask permission, to
join them in their sick world.

She hears her own heart pounding,
as the time has almost come;
when they will do horrendous things,
to this child, so full of love.

She feels used and abused, by their
actions, throughout the years;
and they make her wish that she were dead,
as she cries her silent tears.

by Ruth warren

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