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Theistic Hedonist
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

Theistic Hedonist

Poem By connie crane

Sensual pleasure has become my life.
God is pleasure and I
Am the wife
Of pleasure.
God pleasures me with pleasures so abundant.
I am so overcome by the experiences I become redundant.
Going on and on about the sensuality,
Of a marriage with one as lavish as He.
The foods he feeds me,
The laughter,
The drink,
The intoxication of his bliss,
I can hardly even think.

Here I am in this Divine Moment,
Proclaiming His praises with joy and abandon.
Celebrating Him as I realize I am His celebration.
He celebrated and I came to life.
I celebrated and became His wife.
I drink in deeply the joy of life.

He says to me “It is Good!
Experience me as you experience these
Experience these as you experience me
And realize that all is one and the same.
There is no separation between creator and created.
Your sensuality enables you to experience me more fully
Your experience of me allows you to experience your sensuality.
We are not mutually exclusive as you might think.
All is one and all is me.
If you believe,
Than everything you experience will bring you,
Into the reality,
That is Me! ”

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