MO (6 July 1989 / Upper Hayford, England)


'Repent Heathen! ' is what They cry,
carrying Their torches.
No one even wonders why,
They just watch from Their porches.
If They could be allowed,
They would burn pagans still,
and beat Their chest, strong and proud.
All this under Their own will.
Many wars fought for Gods
who are supposed to be for peace.
They must be deafened by the sobs
of the slaughtered that will never cease.
They break Their own commandments,
'Hypocrites' is all I will say.
I will show Them my laments
and then I will find my own way.

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Very nicely done Miranda, and very sincere. Readers can always detect guile in a poet. You are indeed that. Well done . Greenwolfe 1962