Poem Hunter
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)


You know them.
They are you, love.
They hold you ever in their chill grasp;
Their bony fingers drag you downward, to your death.
You have fought them long: no more.
Release yourself to them, your fears,
Your hopes,
Your ending.
They will strip away
All you have ever deceived others with,
Leaving you truly naked to their eyes.
They will gaze upon you,
Without your deceits to hide behind,
And they will laugh,
Mocking you with the sound of their cruel voices.
Their laughter sends ice into your soul,
Stopping your blood in your veins.
You cannot escape them, love.
They have held you long enough;
Let go to them,
Cease the endless cries of your worthless will,
And fall.
Where they carry you is cold,
But you will ever live in the cold,
And nothing could protect you from the chill
Their fingers send down your spine.
You feel them, grasping,
You hear them, laughing,
-The scream of your own fears drowns out all other noise,
But the laughing: the laughter remains.-
The laughter creeps into your mind,
Stealing away your sanity.
Your life fails you;
Your hope has fallen away,
Leaving you breathless.
All your lies,
All of your pitiful self-image,
Is lost in the sound of their mocking laughter.
You are alone, now, completely alone,
With none to save you, and none to care.
You have no strength to defend yourself with;
For all you ever had was a lie to yourself.
They take you,
Dragging, pulling with their icy fingers,
And you fall away.
The land of the dead, for you-
They have you.

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