Honestly, I like the word
I like you calling me
In all the stupid things
That you think
I do
Which I think are
Stupid too,


Stupid makes me feel
That I am
That I am nobody
That I am not
Like you calling me
That I am not like you
That I am not
That I have no reason
To be sad
That confusion is not
A disease
That we all belong to one
Beautiful world


That is enough
Heaven for me.


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good https: //
Outburst of powerful feelings yet with obedience. One of my favorites
Well, this is a very good poem relating to a great moment. Congratulations
Try to recite it as if you actually were the little boy. It'll make it sound so much nicer. I also love the way the young man tries to see the comical aspect of the situation, for instance in the last lines, even though it is a serious subject. Moreover, I find Hughes manages to illustrate and depict the student's mind beautifully by mentioning the things he love: Well, I like to eat, sleep and be in love. I like to drink, eat and understand life I'm in love with that phrase: simple, yet so wonderfully put
Pluto binisha PLuto, you should quit, just quit, everything
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