(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Themes Of Self Patheticness

Most of their lives they have degraded themselves.
Looked down upon their neighbors.
And desrespected their children...
By offering them a life deplete of discipline.

Today these same people,
Share grief and sorrow!
All claiming to have faith.
These same people pray in their temples...
To come out of them,
With nothing positive to say.

And yet...
With their 'down-to-Earth' outlooks,
Most of their lives they have degraded themselves.
Believing such ignorance,
Would produce floral bouquets from garbage they discard.
And remaining hopeful success would come to be bestowed.

'What about us?
No one seems to care! '

And themes of self patheticness...
Are replayed in a rhetoric that is absent of consciousness!
Or one that connects and comprehends the affects,
Of an ignorance celebrated and devoid of all expectation!
Accepting only that...
Which has been applied and nurtured,
As part of one's culture and understanding kept defended.

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