Then He Cried

When he left his mother and the doctor spanked his hide
In that delivery room he then first cried,
But, that cry that he uttered so proudly and loud
Was a proclamation to all, that he'll make his mother proud.

As a young boy he and his mother walked hand in hand
She taught him that one day alone he must make his stand,
So, in defeat he would not ever give up, but again he would try
And not once ever in a loss, did he cry.

The man that he became was not crafted from a father or brother
It was from the desire and the love from his mother,
Now, the man that he became he has said with honor and pride
Was all because of his mother, and then he cried.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

Comments (17)

Thank everyone for their words, I am in Japan now, for about another week or so, my heart is still breaking after the loss of my mother, Once again, thank you everyone one for reading and commenting on my poem. Randy
A grateful tribute to a mother who nurtures a man's inner strength during his formative years. Thanks for this poetic masterpiece.
Untarnished nobility of the son. Good job.
I liked the emotion in this poem.
You sketch a close bond between mother and son: the mother could well be a single parent, as the father looks to be absent. It is a very good motive to bring honour and pride to your mother-and your father too, if he is there. A top-notch poem in crafted quatrains.
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