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Then I Am One Of Many

In a troubled Human World where worries are rife
I struggle for to make any sense out of life
The Worldwide rise in numbers of the human population brings with it more poverty and crime
One can say that we do live in a troubled time

If money and fame is what human life is about
Then i am one of the many who is counted out
Since the requirement of recognition i have failed for to meet
Just another number in a government statistical sheet

That a successfully lived life is based on money we are led to believe
And the not financially well of are dismissed as those who do under achieve
On how financially well off you are to most people only count
In a Human World where kindness and compassion to little seems to amount

It is true that being poor will not do anything for your sense of self esteem
As poverty comes with a punctured ego is how it does seem
And so many who do not have the gods on their side
Are losing out big time in the social divide

We have been learning of the ways of survival before we learned how to crawl
Yet i struggle for to make sense of life at all
If money and fame is what life is about
Then i am one of the many who is counted out.

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