Then I Clubbed Him To Death

Hear beloved- my demon’s waking
Run beloved, run- I am turning
Hide- hide beloved- from my hunger
The rose soon to thorns, wine to blood
Whereon- you lay shall be coffin
Hear- my demon’s waking
Run- run beloved- I am turning
Known caresser soon to clobber
My nails take true form- claws
Hearken- this somniloquy- beloved
That reveres your life- run-it pleads
The dream’s over and nigh-I wake soon
Run, run, run- before rouse, beloved
Halt- the bid to hurry it- that does
Shove me no further- beloved
My demons are stirring as do
Take now your flee I bid thee
Leap through the pane- there!
For death good and broken limb better
Than my grasp art you-
Empty lamps there and keep matches deep
Hold tight crucifix I gifted you- our nuptial
Then set me ablaze- near eternal torment mine
Punch too my throat- slit it- that end me
Do now for I am here in a bit to do worse-
Save me beloved- lest my demons
Lest my demons devours your heart
The heart you swore it today at the altar
Aye, you swore it mine and I come now- it
Hear- run to the seas, hide in it bellies
For only there, only there shall I turn -from
Stop your whimpers- beloved- stop!
And my name you call on ever-
The lines are off
Your struggle to wake is vain
Thy screams your ears alone
And the world- I lured to slumber
Far –far- none shall heed thy fear
Run- run- hide- hide
Beloved- I wake now!

by Adeosun Olamide

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