JMH ( / Oceanside, California)

Then I'Ll Be There!

I raise my eyes and say a prayer
As waves crash hard upon the shore.
Grey Mist swirls against the sky,
My heart aches with a remembering cry.
War and death again draw nigh,
As young men and women stand to die. A bitterness grips and claims my soul,
As tears fall steadily in the sand.
Big men talk the time away,
Til decisions are made and weapons are manned.
Protected far from the coming fray,
How can they sleep or face the day. Thoughts turn about to days gone by,
Of young men strong and full of life.
Pride filled their eyes as they marched on by,
Not afraid of the coming strife.
Evading truth that many would die,
All that remained was loved ones sigh. I raise my eyes and send a prayer,
To one I know is caring there.
A voice comes back so deep and low.
"Man has chosen his way to go,...
It's up to him to turn the tide,
And cleanse the world of his evil side." To help the suffering aid the weak,
Guide the blind and kinship seek,
Lift his brothers no matter what race,
And build a new and better place.
"Then I'll be There!"

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