DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Then I Thought Of You

I was on the road of life when it struck me,
Between the lanes it hit me, between the eyes!
Certainly surprised by the glint in my eye, it left me alive
But division in brought me and my mind.

Two lanes on the road of life, and so it rained down on me
Hitting my head, the roof of uncertainty, knowing only,
The knowledge of not knowing which lane to take or direction,
To move in for my own sake

I was stuck, searching for a key
Then I thought of you, my baby
And all the pain and uncertainty fell away from me
You are my star, toward the sun I shall part

I soon find in me, true direction
Divine intervention guiding me home
To you my baby, your warm embrace
And loving glow

I was lost and this true,
But true love knows no limit or boundary
And it found me and it found you, combined us,
And now I’ll spend my life with you for eternity

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I love it. I sense the deep feelings you have for that person. It's a great peom.