Then She Left Him

they were sitting side by side
in the light spring air
he thought they were on the same page
that she felt they were the perfect pair

he looked deep into her eyes
pushed back her hair
and spoke the words
she never thought she'd hear

the phrase i dont think
i need to repeat
but the words hit her fast
her heart skipped a beat

there was a silence
as she pulled back her gaze
afraid to look him in the eye
and her mind in a daze

unable to answer
his questioning stare
she couldnt say it back
it wouldve been unfair

she didnt feel the same way
couldnt pronounciate the words
had nothing more to say

his mind was going through a wild craze
didnt know what to do next
the girl turned to walk away

he didnt know how this could be fixed
he grabbed her by the hand
as her eyes were watering with tears
he asked, 'whats wrong? '

she just stood there
wondering how he cared
for her so much
she tried to pull away from his grasp

his love
but she could not lose it
like kicking a rock at a dove
a tear slid from her eye

he wipped it away
and said, 'lease dont cry.'
she says, 'im sorry,
to you i can not lie, '

she sees his blank response
then continues,
'i cant love you,
it was never in my element,

and the promise of those words,
could never be kept'
he started to studder
unable to believe his ears

he thought they had something special
after all these years
he begins to wonder to himself
why they were together
when always in her head
she was thinking, 'never, never.'

by Selina Munsey

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