Then Was Love

Light in the night
Your smile
Wake me up to
Your moment of need
I'm want to be there for you
Reach for me
To touch what left after you left
I still stand in the same place
Waiting for your over due return
The world know of the wrong you done
Guess what i now see your game
Your last move clear my eyes
I'm no longere blind to your plan
You like to love them and leave
Only i left you first
When you were to good to be true
Your lie's are still lie's
No matter what you claim
Your tears are not real
You play you lost more an you realize
For i was there all the time for you
You left your good love behind you
I waited and waited until the sunshine
And moon did thier thing
I look east to the west to south
Even to the north
No you to be found
I was born again by a new love that came
A love that was everything i wish for
True to me was the love i found
What more would i need
My lover is all you fail to be
I love my lover all my love is return tenfold
Love is wonderful
Love great
Love is even more an words can say
Most all love is you
Love is me needing you
Alway love is of the most high

by George Jerone (Brother DeBuff) Jefferson

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