(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Then Why Tease Me Like That?

'I'd like to scream as loud as I can,
At times.'

Me too.

'If it wasn't against the law,
I'd strip and jog along Main Street butt naked.
As if I was in first place in a Bare-All marathon.'

Me too!

'If someone would dare me,
I'd do it too! '

I dare you.

'Not you.
I'm talking about someone else,
Who is not talking to themselves...


So now you tell me,
You pay me no attention?
Then you lie.
A straight up bonafide liar.

It was just yesterday I heard you tell someone,
How you listen to your inner most thoughts...
With a giving to them first priority,
Before listening to anyone else.
And 'now' you say this to me?

Just chill.
Calm down.
No one's going to be jogging butt naked.'

Then why tease me like that?

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