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Theo in his mid sixties is not feeling physically well
How long he has to live even doctors cannot truly tell
It is said doctors differ and patients do die
In Theo's case anyway this is not a lie
From chemotherapy from stomach cancer he is looking and feeling ill
But to fight his way back to full health he does have the will
Though the doctors agree he may not be living for his sixty sixth birthday next May
On his demise Theo does not agree on what of him they have to say
Theo does not have children or he never has had a wife
Five years ago his partner Jo died in a car accident the great love of his life
He grieved for the beautiful woman that none could take her place
Five years on he has his biggest challenge in life for to face
Theo is determined for to prove the doctors wrong
Though in very poor health the will to live in him is strong
The doctors predict that within months he will be in his grave
But there is truth in the saying that fortune favors the brave.

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