(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Theo - A Limerick For You

I wonder if poetesse Theo
is a Libra or even a Leo.
She will currently need
both to uplift indeed
her good heart, so she'll sing sole mio.

Many docs do forbid a small nip,
may I give you a personal tip
have a glass with your meal
and then judge how you feel,
some physicians know really zip.

There's a substance you ought to ingest
it's coenzyme Q-10, it's the best.
It will boost your IQ
and your energy too,
go ahead, Theo, give it a test.

I enjoy what you write, as you know.
It has substance and also a glow.
Never mind the small fry,
they don't really know why
it's us oldsters who will steal the show.

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Very little exists in the effective treatment arsenal for cardiomyopathy. By far the best is Coenzyme Q-10. Best and most experienced Dr using it is Peter Langsjoen of Tyler Texas. Red wine (not fortified or cheap stuff) in moderation is cardio-friendly.Glad you liked the limerick. H H
Herbert, Dear Herbert, Thank You! Enjoyed our multiple mailings this day! About the drink, like red wine, i have a question... What about in possible cardio-myopathy? And you please take heed No necessity to read 4UM And remember the eyes, always look in the eyes! Body language as well, Hugs to you, Theo