One admired...
As I watch,
In my fedora...

I spot Theodora,
Dancing under moonlight!
Thrilled with her life...
As she feels delighted,
With a glow that's bright!

And as she glaces,
Unaware I am there...
I remove myself from shadows,
Hoping she excites...
To realize this night appears,
Has removed me out of darkness...
With smiles we both show,
To each other so clear!
Dance Theodora...
Dance with me near!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Lawrence, well, i do declare, what a beautiful tribute. I surely never saw it coming, but then, you are spontaneous as i, and i thank you my dear Lawrence. It is so good to be back here with you as well! . I can imagine in my mind, how dapper you look in that fedora, and what a class act you are all of the way! Your passion knows no limits, and from me to you, I see you and I send you a smile, a hug and a sweet peck on your cheek! Thank you so, very very much! My dear friend! Theo