Theodore And The Cherry Stem

Theodore and the Cherry Stem

There once was a man named Theodore
Everyday all he did was think about how he could soar

Sometimes he’d think about the sky and the moon
Sometimes about how Fall would come and would it come soon

But one day on a imaginary trip to the sky
He thought about love and really wondered why

He never experienced the love of Miss Kimee
Maybe he wasn’t ready, maybe he wasn’t free

From all the thoughts of others who constantly plague his space
Or maybe it was fear written all over his face

He quickly denied all thoughts of the above
Claiming that he was down for whatever, and whatever meaning love

Wait, Hold it! Pump the breaks!

This is the story about Theo and the Cherry Stem
Not the story of how Theo was in like with a lady named Kim

So let’s talk about the stem that he can tie with his tongue
And all he praises and awards that he has consecutively won

Wow said the audience with surprise and laughter
This man can tie a cherry stem, what will he do after!

I suppose he’ll grow his muscles four times as large
Then that man named Theo will really be in charge

But the audience realized that all he could do was not that great
Doing tricks and winning awards didn’t determine his fate

They all looked at him with strained and focused eyes
Something was beating, too much of their surprise

It was full of emotions and overflowing with love
Seeping with blessings obviously sent from above

He has a heart one person proclaimed
And it’s big and powerful with nothing to shame

Its makes him strong and fear nothing that’s in his way
Where did he get that from, one shouted, I want that TODAY

As Theo stood satisfied as can be
He whispered gently “I can’t get it from you and you can’t get it from me”

One stood and asked was it on sale from a discount store
Theo shook his head and the crowd demanded more

So Theo told the crowd who came and sat around his seat
I’ve been blessed with these gifts because I sat at his feet

He has given me favor to whom which I cannot understand
He has fed me with love and matured me into this man

So my heart is operated by God and anointed by his son
I need not to fight any battles, because I have already won

The crowd stopped and looked into his eyes
A glimmer of light twinkled like the evening skies

A sheer smile came over Theo’s face
Someone whispered in his ear, where you are in your life, you’re in the right place!

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