Theoretical Imagination

Poem By C.D. Xiang

Future is just an imagination
Growing in its expectation
But sometimes it diminish like a bubble
And there’s no body could handle

Reality is literally a thinking
With bitterly choices making
But sometimes it brings you delight
Falling flowers it’s just like

Past is just a lie
In forgetting it slowly die
But sometimes it becomes a devil
Like a skeleton always around you

Love is just alone
Two fleshes are just upon
With souls meandering around
For its freedom ground
But sometimes it bursts out its desire
Like a thirsty traveler needs his pear

Poetry is just a rubbish
Full of thoughts’ garbage
It gives off terrible smell
But sometimes in lost you can’t tell
It deprives your spirit like poison
And can’t breathe without oxygen

And life is just life
Always a passenger in time
Like a man from young to old
Feel he’s lost too much gold

Comments about Theoretical Imagination

read yen cress and yoonus peerbucus.....deep poems...this one is interesting.... claire nzerem (I really like the missive on life and always being a passenger in time! Do you have poems about traveling along the road using colorful metaphors about the people sights and sounds you've seen in your travels to further discuss the 'souls just meandering about town?

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