There Ain'T Nothing In My Life Like That

I've heard that I am fine.
Perhaps that's why I dine alone...
Who knows.

I'm told I shouldn't be 'picky'.
I should be appreciative,
And invite someone into my home.

I believe they say this because...
I am aging and should be in a relationship.
But the peace of mind I worship...
Confuses that with 'desperation'
I guess.

I am not one to cruise the streets,
To find anyone to meet!
Nor do I think of going to the movies by myself.
Or peacefully sitting to eat.
Whether I had someone there...
To share that scene with me.

I am headache free.
Can't that be seen...
By the way I look?
And freed of burdens,
Someone else might feel urgent...
To know me well enough to dump them,
And then leave!

There ain't nothing in my life like that...
I have a need or a wish to see repeated!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Don't go changing a thing if your happy Lawrence...great poem...thank you