There And Fresh To Pick

Colorful petals bright and scented.
And bend I do as if to bow.
Sniffing to enjoy the flowers blooming,
Shifting as the wisps of crisp air lifts.
With all that buds in Spring too.
Coming as it does to call upon my senses.
Prepared to accept the grandeur,
Of this 'dispensement'.

In view and under a cloudless sky.
I drive beyond my own expectations.
To dive right into a grove of ripened gladness...
Savored to taste from the panoramic serving of it.

There and fresh to pick...
And within my reach with an ease presented,
As dawn awakens to lift the dew...
This morning,
Upon my attentive sight.
And it feels good!
With each moment of this day,
I've already declared mine.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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