All Goes To Heck.

We attempt to domesticate phone calls,
To include the perception of mood.

But the conversations
Indulge Einstein's theory of insanity.
It goes something like:
'DUDE! '
Brief moment to look out the window, in paranoia.
'I got the best man! The best! '

I stutter vomit
Like a victim of tourettes.

But all worry dead.

When a beautiful dame comments
On the arching spew
Jumping into the toilet bowl.

'It looks like a beautiful rainbow! '

I see the mirage of her jubilation.

That type of enthusiasm
Awakens the Deweyan in me.

This pragmatist approach to self-inflicted turmoil.

'When we watch our friends die,
Look not upon the sullen eyes
And decaying enamel.
But the joy
Upon which such rot indulges.'

Their quests to be martyrs
For the greater good,
Is honored with a statistic chart.
Displayed on glossy card-stock.
During D.A.R.E. Class.

All the future leaders
Nudge their neighbors.
In a prepubescent promise say:
'I can't wait to try that! '

by A.j. Binash

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