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There Are Bullies

There are bullies in the school yard and in the work place
And in all parts of the World in and of every Race
It does seem that most bullies are born to be this way
Few of them grow to be nicer as they grow old and gray
Bullies can be of either gender and their bullying ways start as a young girl or boy
And being cruel to and humiliating those who are scared of them they thoroughly enjoy
There are bullies in every village and city and town
And all bullies feel pleasure in putting people verbally or physically down
But bullies can be latent cowards it does appear
As most bullies of bigger bullies do live in fear
There are bullies in Parliament as we know all too well
People with power who enjoy making life for poor people a complete Earthy Hell
Bullies are not rare or rare never will be
And this seems a sad thing would you not agree.

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