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There Are Experts

Though some can recognize most birds by the songs they does sing
On Nature there is not one who knows everything
And those who tell you they do believe their own lie
Of Nature we learn until the day we does die

There are experts on animals and experts on trees
And people on Nature with university degrees
But knowledge to self doubt can often give rise
And that they have so much to learn they can realize

There are experts on amphibians and reptiles and on fish as well
And many species of insects some apart from each other on sight can tell
But the more many of Nature does learn the more their wonder of her grow
And most will tell you of her ways little they seem to know

There are experts on plants and flowers and on bees and flies
But the more you learn of Nature the more you come to realize
That you would not know much of her and her ways
Even if you lived in this World for a million days.

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