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There Are Good And Tainted People

There are good and tainted people in every Creed and Race
Make yourself a better person make the World to live in a better place
I am not saying what's original only what is known and true
In life we receive the Karma that happens to be our due
Wrongs done to you on purpose you may find hard to forgive
An old saying I do remember is to live and to let live
And for wrongs we do to others in Karma we must pay
What goes around always comes around as some are known to say
Racism is born of ignorance and the ignorant are too blind
To see the goodness in others who are not of their own kind
You only look for flaws in others and good you will not see
That is how it always has been and that is how 'twill always be
There are good and tainted people in every Race and Creed
And of racism and xenophobia humanity is not in need.

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