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There Are Many People Like You

When you think about your best days do you feel quite close to tears
Do you visualize your young days and your Primary Schoolgoing years?
In your prime in your twenties with your mates you played football
Father time did not wait for you and you are ageing like us all
Time does not wait for anybody it keeps ticking on and on
And before we do realize it our better days are gone
The flower fades in the Summer that was blooming in the Spring
And like the wise one did say youth will have it's fling
And the past has gone forever though the memories we retain
Of the times when we were younger that can never be again
As you tell your ageing crony of the life you used to know
Do you really have to struggle to stop the tears that yearn to flow?
Do not feel you are unusual with you I can empathize
There are many people like you more than you do realize.

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