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There Are Many Worse Off Than You

Your credit card is overdrawn and with your creditors you are in strife
And your marriage it is over someone else sleeps with your wife
Nowadays you feel suicidal and you fight against the odds
As all the many others do of the very lesser gods.

To the god you believe in for a miracle you pray
But he either does not hear or he pays no heed to anything to him you say
You need thirty thousand dollars for to clear you from the red
And you feel the World's against you and you'd be better off dead.

Your partner in your small business left you in a sorry state
From you he has stolen thousands he was not much of a mate
With friends like him one don't need enemies on him you did believe
But him you never truly knew and you he did deceive

Feeling very sorry for yourself won't get you anywhere
There are many worse off than you in the bigger World out there
So you may as well keep trying better days may be ahead
And live for as long as you can since you will be forever dead.

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