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There Are No Borders

There are no borders in the World that anyone can visibly see
No borders even where the land end at the shores of the sea
The people who create borders for to keep others out
Are the sort the Human World may be better off without
And in their sort are traces of nationalism, racism and patriotism and this is a sad thing
Since of the praises of exclusion they only ever sing
The gift of life to each individual only comes by chance
And to whom and where we are born is our birth circumstance
Xenophobia as we know it is of varying degrees
Privileged and near to privileged people blame stateless refugees
For wanting to live among them as if on their privacy and properties they wish for to intrude
Only those with empathy and compassion have in them the gift to include
The homeless and stateless and hungry who only know life as tough
Who by circumstance of birth are known to live and sleep rough.

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A very fine poem thank you so much.