There Are No More Words

Poem By Miroslava Odalovic

But those floating on the strokes
In which the dusk refuses to pain paint itself
And mud stains hidden that ooze down the brush
Unkempt movement of the set-them-free colours

There are no more words
But those heard in an ongoing movie in my head
That will stop once the pianists leave the keys
Playing themselves in little cushioned tips of pray
And a naked body art dancer steps aside once again
To let the music in before a final stroke

It-s all us- the tune set in motion
Perpetum mobile of a broken heart
That sings itself until it cannot
That dances itself to the final beat
Just to move a step closer to an oasis
Always defined by a desert
The strength of a wish determined
By the lack of its realization here and now
It is for the future that we all are
Re-creation of our own desires and goals

And you may repeat endlessly
I am but a deception drawn each morning
Whenever I draw my eyes again
And paint my hands in flowers again
And smile at the mirror always fearless
Just to learn you are more real than ever
As there's a whole world spreading beyond
The horizons of your winged eyebrows
And a beat of freedom painted
In a single lowering of your eyelashes
To scratch a broken picture frame
And keep a token trace in a golden cup
Lift it higher and give some to the clouds to drink

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